The Willow Retreat


A True Life Changing Experience
— Alban 2018

7 day Yoga Transformation Retreat

Private Individual Retreats 2019

Cost €1400

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Yoga Meditation Relaxation

Spend time in nature relaxing completely,  stretching your body, resting your mind, releasing & renewing. Take some time and reconnect with your true nature.

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Visit a sacred Cave in the Burren

During this 7 day self care programme, you will relax, release and renew though yoga, meditation, stopping, silence, stillness & self exploration

Time at the Spa food as medicine baking

Take the time to cleanse your mind and renew your life. Learn how to bake fresh bread, soups, take time at the spa and visit sacred spots in the Burren

Full Moon & New Moon Retreats

Meditation & Yoga

Individual & Couples Retreats

3 days €639/Couples €980

The Willow Retreat offers you the opportunity to go off-grid and reconnect with your true self. A combination of bespoke yoga, practical meditation, cleansing organic food, space and time for you to be in nature allows you to still your thoughts making your way back to peace with yourself

The gift of Silence, stillness, bespoke yoga, time, space, nature and fresh organic food is all yours for 3 blissful days of rediscovering your self. Cleanse yourself of the old and make space for the new. Enjoy learning how to bake fresh homemade bread & enjoy revitalising soups


Let the Willow Retreat be your home from home & take care of you for 3 days of Relaxation & renewal. Let the Moon do its work. Enjoy time at a spa as part of your programme at the Willow Retreat

Yoga & Healing Retreats

Meditation Breathing Food as Medicine

Individual & Couples Retreats




2 day Retreat €390/Couples €810

Come and spend a day and night in nature listening to the birds, walking in nature, drinking tea, being kind to yourself, stretching your body, refreshing your soul and energising your mind. Give your self the gift of time and space to reconnect with your true nature once again. I will work with you to create a programme designed for your life


3 day Retreat €590/Couples €910

This is a space for you to feed your soul, fill your heart and rest your body and mind. As a naturopath and yoga teacher, I will work with you to create a bespoke wellbeing experience made for you and your life. Learn to bake and take some bread home with you. Enjoy an afternoon at the spa to relax your body and mind



4 day retreat €690/Couples €1,100

Give yourself the gift of time to stop, be still, rest, relax, release and renew. Spend time in nature, stretching your body, cleansing your mind, invigorating your soul and eating fresh wholesome food for your body Learn how to bake your own bread from scratch and spend time relaxing at the 5 star Ghotel spa.



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Private Consultations with Teresa €160

The best off-grid Wellness and health retreat in Ireland. A private space to relax your body and soothe your mind in meditation, bespoke yoga, and organic food. Spend time taking care of you as Teresa guides & supports you with bespoke Yoga, Practical meditation techniques and food as medicine. Transform your life today & enjoy well-being as part of your daily life.


Group Retreats From €400

Spend a weekend in gratitude with like minded people relaxing, being still, smiling, doing gentle yoga, learning how to make nourishing food, reading inspiring books & resting your mind, body & soul.

Please contact Teresa connect@thewillowretreat for more details


Teresa Spelman

Yoga saved my life. I would not be here today if I had not found Yoga. It cured my Life which had once been a daily struggle with bulimia and depression. It started in my teens with anxiety and body dysmorphia. By the age of 29 I was exhausted living with this secret everyday. I had moved to London when I was 25. I was studying to be an actor having worked in the film industry in Dublin on wardrobe and costume. Life appeared great to the passing onlooker and even to those who were close to me. I was an expert at hiding from others and myself. Thankfully It all came to ahead at the end of drama school when I headed to India to make a short film for a final project. I had been there in my early 20’s on a mission to save India not knowing then that it was me that needed the saving.

I ended up moving to India and began living in New Delhi for over 2 years. I trained as a Naturopath and a Yoga teacher. I wrote a book. I got the opportunity to get to know & understand myself again. Most importantly I took the precious time and space I was given and I transformed my suffering into Gold.

Today I love to feed people what they need. Everyone needs something different. I invite you to the Willow Retreat to begin or continue your travels inward. I look forward to meeting you very soon.





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