Warm welcome relaxation Retreat

Teresa gave us a warm welcome at the Willow Retreat. It is definitely a relaxation retreat. It has all you need to escape everyday hectic life. We would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an escape into a chill out zone. It was like stepping into a warm, cozy place you wanna pick up a book and wish it never ends.


True life changing experience

The vibe of the place, the learning and insights from Teresa, and the food!!... everything helps to get in touch with your true self. Teresa knows how to put you at ease and is a wonderful teacher. I learned so much and carried most of the practice now in my daily life to continue my journey towards a better version of myself - with a still mind and a lighter heart.Will be back at some point."

Alban 2018


Beautiful & Idyllic

We had an amazing weekend


Whimsical & Inspiring

Thank you for understanding better than me why I came on Retreat.

Thank you for opening my mind and releasing all kinds of insights I barely had about myself & the surrounding world.

Thank you for this wonderful and magical cabin, isolated, safe and cosy just as it is, with plenty of inspiring books.

I am grateful for lots of things since my stay here and also to have been able to be here & to have met you. Thank you

Chloe 2019


“Cosy & Romantic.”

Very cosy and romantic cabin!! I can only recommend to stay there. Teresa made us feel very welcome.

Britta 2017

“Instantly felt at Home”

We instantly felt at home after meeting Teresa as she is extremely friendly and welcoming. You can tell Teresa has put her heart and soul into the cabin with the stunning interiors and interesting trinkets and books. Between the cabin itself and the stunning surrounding area, there is plenty to do and see. The fairy lights, candles and wood burner made the place very relaxing! We both feel very relaxed after our stay here, this place is perfect if you want to press pause on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax!

Emma L 2017


Loved By Travellers Worldwide

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