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Private Consultations with Teresa €160

The best off-grid Wellness and health retreat in Ireland. A private space to relax your body and soothe your mind in meditation, bespoke yoga, and organic food. Spend time taking care of you as Teresa guides & supports you with bespoke Yoga, Practical meditation techniques and food as medicine. Transform your life today & enjoy well-being as part of your daily life.


Group Retreats From €400

Spend a weekend in gratitude with like minded people relaxing, being still, smiling, doing gentle yoga, learning how to make nourishing food, reading inspiring books & resting your mind, body & soul.

Please contact Teresa connect@thewillowretreat for more details


Teresa Spelman

I will try to give you a little feeling of what I do and a glimpse of my true self. I feed people what they need. When I first started teaching over 10 years ago, I taught as I was 'meant to’ following the complete guidelines and instructions of the Sivananda Yoga Teacher training. I quickly discovered there was no joy and spontaneity in this. I have found through experience that people want and need to be comfortable with the body that they live in each moment of the day. This I love to do with people, giving a gentle firm nudge inward to themselves. I do not follow rules well!

Anyone can train to be a Yoga teacher and teach the technical aspects, however there are not many today that live it everyday and are true authentic teachers. Every time I teach its always the first time. The Yoga postures are a small part of the teaching. People breathe correctly when their mind & body are free and clear. People stand up tall when they have faced their fears and have let them go. I have seen this time and time again over the years.

Present moment awareness, breathing fully into every cell in the body, complete body awareness on all levels, cleansing & expanding the mind and opening the heart so people can make real transformational changes in their daily mundane life-this is what I do.

Yoga, When taught from a holistic & freeing approach, allows People to become their own teacher & realise they can touch base with the divine 'something' within themselves anytime where ever they are. All knowledge is within us. Its just a matter of unlocking it. Thats the core, the heart of this work. I look forward to welcoming you to your retreat very soon.