All about Willow

From Ireland to India and back again. In grid, off grid,Yogis and the Guru.


The Off Grid Living Experience

The best off-grid Wellness and health retreat in Ireland. A private space to relax your body and soothe your mind in meditation, bespoke yoga, and organic food. All retreats are unique to you and your lifestyle. 


India & Home again

At 21years of age I made my first trip to India. An adventure that would change my destiny for life. 7 years later I returned back to India to finish what I had begun. India embraced me and I loved her for it. It became my home for many years and still continues to hold a deep affection in my heart. I defy anyone not to go to India and come back changed by its vital divine all encompassing energy.  


Guru & Living

Having a guide in life is needed till you can safely and confidently guide yourself. I was fortunate to have met someone who forced me to look inward and take on the work of a life time and the reason we are all here again.