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The Willow Retreat 


The Willow Retreat - simple  soul  luxury

Once upon a time The Willow Retreat was a dream.  Today it is the place I always imagined. It took some years later before I would realise my dream and manifest it into reality.

The Willow Retreat is a place of healing and rejuvenation right in the middle of nature. It is a wooden off-grid simple palace for the soul. You can do yoga, you can eat fresh organic food, you can fast, you can walk, you can be, you can dance, you can sing, you can rest, you can be still, you can relax and you can do nothing at all.

This is a space for you to feed your soul, fill your heart and rest your body and mind. As a naturopath and yoga teacher, I will work with you to create a bespoke wellbeing experience made for you and your life.


‘A True Life Changing Experience
— Alban 2018


It is a truly little breakaway haven - beautifully furnished and decorated in a simplistic way to get you focused on yourself - you can only find peace and relaxation here - thank you Treasa :)”
“Beautiful place to stay in the West of Ireland. If you love off-grid and silence, this is a great space. Can’t wait to return to the Willow Cabin some day soon!”
An absolutely fantastic stay - a hidden gem!! Teresa was an outstanding host - warm, friendly and so helpful. Couldn’t recommend staying here highly enough.”
 It was like stepping into a warm, cozy place you wanna pick up a book and wish it never ends.”

"It is a really amazing experience which you can look upon the sky with thousands of stars. It is so clear and the atmosphere is so peaceful by the fire place. You will never forget how quiet both your heart and the world are."


if one’s life is simple contentment has to come

Yoga & Healing

Solo & Couples Retreats

2018 - 2019



2 day Retreat €333/Couples €666

Come and spend a day and night in nature listening to the birds, walking in nature, drinking tea, being kind to yourself, stretching your body, refreshing your soul and energising your mind. This is a self-made retreat offering you the chance to relax and rejuvenate


3 day Retreat €444/Couples €777

This is a space for you to feed your soul, fill your heart and rest your body and mind. As a naturopath and yoga teacher, I will work with you to create a bespoke wellbeing experience made for you and your life



4 day retreat €555/Couples €888

Give yourself the gift of time to stop, be still, rest, relax, release and renew. Spend time in nature, stretching your body, cleansing your mind, invigorating your soul and eating fresh wholesome food for your body


Stilling the thoughts of the mind

Meditation & Yoga

Solo Retreats



2 day €333/Couples €666

The Willow Retreat offers you the opportunity to go off-grid and reconnect with your true self. A combination of bespoke yoga, practical meditation, cleansing organic food, space and time for you to be in nature allows you to still your thoughts making your way back to peace with yourself


3 day €444/Couples €777

The gift of Silence,stillness, bespoke yoga, time, space, nature and fresh organic food is all yours for 3 blissful days rediscovering your self. Cleanse yourself of the old and make space for the new


4 day €555/Couples €888

Let the Willow Retreat be your home from home & take care of you for 4 days of yoga, meditation, fresh homemade organic food, nature and space to be. A unique programme designed for you and your life

Mind Body Soul

Detox & Yoga

Solo Retreats



2 Day €333/Couples €666

Spend time in nature relaxing completely,  stretching your body, resting your mind, releasing & renewing. A short break to revitalise your life


3 day €444/Couples €777

Take some time to immerse yourself in you while practising the real Yoga, being still, staying present while connecting with your soul nature


4 day €555/couples €888

4 days of self care and love in nature. Its time to come back home and reconnect with your spirit, your divine self and be. The Willow Retreat will give you everything you need


All about Willow

From Ireland to India and back again. In grid, off grid,Yogis and the Guru.


The Off Grid Living Experience

The best off-grid Wellness and health retreat in Ireland. A private space to relax your body and soothe your mind in meditation, bespoke yoga, and organic food. All retreats are unique to you and your lifestyle. 


India & Home again

At 21years of age I made my first trip to India. An adventure that would change my destiny for life. 7 years later I returned back to India to finish what I had begun. India embraced me and I loved her for it. It became my home for many years and still continues to hold a deep affection in my heart. I defy anyone not to go to India and come back changed by its vital divine all encompassing energy.  


Guru & Living

Having a guide in life is needed till you can safely and confidently guide yourself. I was fortunate to have met someone who forced me to look inward and take on the work of a life time and the reason we are all here again.