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Have you ever wondered why we have such a significant amount of mental and physical sickness in a world where we have such sophisticated medicines & highly technical hospital equipment available? Since the beginning of time, the world has been going through constant change & development. However, the body & mind that we have been given as our passport to live in the world has not evolved in the same way. We live now in a world so far removed from nature & from the simple lifestyle of our ancestors that our bodies and minds are struggling to cope.

At a first glance, the complementary wellbeing therapies like naturopathy and yoga can seem like a whimsical & quirky way of living. We read stories about Yogis in the Himalayas in India standing on one foot for a number of years to gain salvation and peace of mind in this life. Rest assured there are simpler methods we can all master & easily integrate into the modern day medical and educational setting to enable us to live well without having to resort to standing on one leg for too long.

Naturopathy and the complementary therapies are not some new trendy form of lifestyle, but a recognised scientific method of healing that has been practised since the beginning of time. Hippocrates is regarded as the greatest physician of his time, and he himself believed in the natural healing process of rest, a good diet, fresh air & cleanliness. He advocated treating the body as a whole & not just as individual parts. This is where the power of the more holistic complementary treatments like meditation, yoga based stretches and proper diet come into their own.

Meditation and medication have only one letter that suggests their differences. Maybe it's time we began allowing meditation to be part of our medication. 

Rumi once wrote ‘Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field I will meet you there’. This field of neutrality, equality and respect is the place where the western practises must meet with the eastern practises in moving forward and creating a new world of wellbeing.

Teresa Spelman

Naturopathy Doctor & Yoga Teacher
Mobile: 00353864674507

World Wellbeing

Teresa Spelman

Publication in The International Wellbeing Conference NUIG