Why Bother to Meditate?


When we try to sit in silence with our mind, it can be a daunting and noisy experience.

We have been programmed from an early age to live our lives in a constant state of distraction from our self. We keep busy often to avoid having to face our deep inner thoughts and feelings which we suppress daily.

So when we first sit with our mind in silence & watch the stream of people and thoughts rushing in to greet us, it often overwhelms & irritates us. We want to run away very fast. We get up after only a few minutes of frustrated silence & turn on the TV, read a book or call a friend, anything but really see what is going on in our mind.

It is a gruelling task to face the interior demons. The emotional attachment we give to our thoughts can cause us much pain and unnecessary suffering. The good news is when we take the time and muster up the courage to face these thoughts & associated feelings, they slowly begin to dissolve & eventually in time disappear or certainly no longer have the power they once had over us.

The objective of a meditation practise is to create new more logical and eventually positive thoughts.

Extracts from Same World New Mind:The Wellbeing Guide for the Mind Body & Soul

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