Confidence is Gold By Teresa Spelman



Real solid self-confidence comes from a positive pride as a result of hard work. There is a different type of confidence that is projected when one has nothing to show. It is ego confidence. It is full of air with no substance. It’s all talk and no action.

When we make a firm decision for our self and our life and we continually make strides to achieve this we gain self-confidence. When we talk a lot and do nothing we gain ego and nothing else.

Many of us are able to talk about doing but not so many actually make efforts to do what they talk so much about.

It is not the success which gives us the confidence but the efforts we make and our perseverance along the way. Failures lead to success just as success can lead us back to failure. They make no difference to a person with a clear and focused vision for their life. They are mere obstacles to be overcome or walked around on the journey of the bigger picture and higher focus

Teresa Spelman