Forgive & Forget. Its good for your health

Would you like to increase your energy, reduce stress, improve your focus and enjoy peace of mind? Try Forgiveness. Its priceless!

Hindu god lord Ganesha statue on the street in Ubud, Bali island.

Forgive & Forget

Live Life Now

Forgiveness is a powerful and noble attribute of a person. It can be one of the most traumatic stages of healing and breaking free from the severe control of the mind. The mind feels powerful in its bitterness and anger. To forgive would mean the mind would have to surrender this power and superiority that it feels it has over the other person and the wrong it feels that has been bestowed upon its life. It vows never to forgive and absolutely never to forget. We lead a miserable existence when lived in this state of mind.

Forgiveness is the way to peace in life. Forgiveness is the way to a healthy body in life. Forgiveness is the way to clear skin. Forgiveness is the way to a clear mind. To forgive another human being for their stupidity and ignorance is a powerful act of strength.

Extracts from the Wellbeing Book 'Same World New Mind' by Teresa Spelman

Teresa Spelman