Gossiping is bad for your health (& makes your teeth black)


One of the greatest limiting factors in life is the imagined worry of what others will think of us. Why do we care so much about the opinion of others? Why do we live our lives based on the opinion of others? Often we make a decision solely on what others will say. We buy clothes in the hope of a compliment. We buy things to impress others. We live to impress others. This is not living but desperately trying to get a bit part in somebody else’s show.

The only reason we ever fear others Gossiping about us is when we have done something that we know in our heart was not the correct thing. Otherwise people love to gossip. It is the hobby of people who are not living the way they desire and have nothing else going on in their lives. Live your own life the way you choose. You might even enjoy it more.


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Teresa is a self-healer. She once lived her daily life for over 10 years with Bulimia, Panic attacks and bouts of darkness. Today after another 10 years of inner work she is on holidays in the world. Today she offers people a space & support to begin their own healing journey.

Extracts from the book she wrote in India 'Same World New Mind'



Teresa Spelman